Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2436 4.8.1942

Enlightenment of the Mind ....
Testing the Teachings ....

Every spiritual question will be solved for you if you trustingly turn to the heavenly Father and desire an answer from Him .... You live in a time of error, your thinking has been misguided and you are no longer able to separate truth from lies, for you do not call upon the One Who alone can provide you with information. But God meets you in His love, His spirit wants to enlighten you, He wants to guide you into right thinking. The basic principle of your life should be to fulfil God's will .... If you are inspired by this desire you must also lend Him your ear so that you will hear His will; you must willingly open your heart so that you will hear His voice .... "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; whoever opens to Me, I will enter ...."

Open your heart, let Him in, and now present your questions to Him and He will not leave you without an answer .... He will tell you where you err and what you should give up or keep. But you pay too much attention to what people teach you, you no longer have your own judgment, you let yourselves be offered spiritual food by those who need it themselves .... you let yourselves be taught by people who are not called by God to do so, and you accept their words without hesitation .... On the other hand, you do not recognise divine gifts.

You should indeed advocate what you are completely convinced of, yet you must have gained this conviction on your own, you must think everything through and examine it, and if it stands up to serious scrutiny you may advocate it .... You must consider the pros and cons of every teaching, you must take a stand on it and decide in favour of that which you can affirm in your deepest heart .... Only then will every teaching come alive in you, whereas previously it would only remain something learned which is of no value for the maturing of the soul.

The serious will to examine must awaken in you, for God will never ask you to accept something without examining it, even if He Himself offers it to you. He gave you intellect and you should also use it; He requires this of you so that you will not fall into the snares of the adversary who wants to entrap you in his misguided teachings. But you are in this danger if you unhesitatingly accept everything you are asked to believe.

God truly informs you of His will, and if your will is turned towards Him you will not oppose Him, i.e., you will decide for what is right out of inner impulse and need not fear to act against His divine will. But to do so you must think for yourselves, that is, you must let your spirit become active within you. You must close yourselves off from the world and give the spirit within you freedom so that it can soar up into bright heights; the desire for truth must be strong in you so that you want to wrest it from the spiritual world, you must desire it from the bottom of your heart .....

And your desire will truly be fulfilled, the truth will flow to the spirit within you which is offered to it from the spiritual kingdom, because it is God's will that the truth be imparted to those who desire it. Yet if you unhesitatingly and without judgement accept everything offered to you by human beings your knowledge is not worth much, for then you will only repeat what you have been taught. But it is not your spiritual property, for it will only become so when you have taken a stand on it yourselves and can then convincingly represent it. But then you will possess a wealth which is everlasting and which will truly make you happy .....

But what you have acquired in error cannot last, one day you will have to relinquish it, and then your knowledge will only be small, and therefore increase it while you are still on earth .... Ask God to instruct you Himself and listen to the voice within you which teaches you the truth .... For God is the truth and He wants it to be spread on earth, that light may come where there is still deepest darkness ....



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