Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2443 9.8.1942

Educating the child to faith or God's help ....

Every hint from above should be heeded, for God does not convey His Word to earth without purpose. As soon as the human being recognises a connection between heaven and earth, as soon as he can relate all events to spiritual guidance, earthly life will be easier for him and his state of soul will improve, for then he will not see his own earthly life as meaningless and pointless but he will be aware of his task. The certainty that God's will is decisive for all events determines him to also submit himself to this will, to let himself be guided by it, and he endeavours to live according to God's will. And then he also pays full attention to the divine voice, His Word ..... And thus he lives his life consciously ....

The human being in his ignorance needs the Word of God. As soon as he begins earthly life as a human being he lacks all understanding, all knowledge of divine things. He first has to be slowly introduced to the knowledge of it, and he will be enlightened about it by human beings, provided that his fellow human beings are in contact with God themselves, that they strive towards God themselves and have knowledge of His reign and activity .... and that they believe ..... Then the child will also be guided into this faith.

However, if fellow human beings are faithless themselves and also transfer their unbelief to the child, it is nevertheless not left to the opposing power but God Himself takes care of it and helps it to gain knowledge by shaping its path through life in such a way that its thinking is stimulated, thus it is instructed in a mental way and can be led to the same result.... .... that he learns to believe in a God Who holds his life's fate in His hand .... that he learns to believe in a destiny, in a task which the human being should fulfil during his earthly life.

God leaves no human being without help, He leaves no one to himself or to unbelieving fellow human beings ..... He has given the human being intellect and the ability to think which can also lead him directly to knowledge if the education by fellow human beings fails. The human being only has to muster the will to stand in the truth. .... He must not allow himself to be driven but must be active himself, he must desire to know what is true and to do what is right. .... Then God will reveal Himself to him and guide him so that he can reach his goal ....



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