Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2445 10.8.1942

Lovelessness ....
Fight of the world against the Doctrine of Love ....

The behaviour of humanity cannot be brought into harmony with the teachings of Christ, because these teachings demand loving activity, they demand a life for one another, they demand a relationship between people like that of a brother to a brother. But the people of the present time are all hostile towards each other, often outwardly standing by each other, but in their hearts only ever thinking of their own advantage and regarding their fellow human beings as opponents, because they feel harmed or disadvantaged by them.

Humanity is devoid of all love, and that is why it also opposes Christianity, the divine teaching of love, which it no longer wants to follow. Because to practise love means overcoming for people, it means a separation from matter, a putting aside of one's own desires and cravings, a sacrifice of what is dear to the human being ..... Ego-love must be fought, the human being must educate himself to be undemanding in order to be able to serve his fellow human being by giving him what he renounces. This is a sacrifice which can only be made out of love, and therefore love must be practised ..... Yet only rarely does a person still make this sacrifice for his fellow human beings ....

Everyone only thinks of himself and therefore Christ's teaching is inconvenient to him and he agrees to people's plan to eradicate it .... Where there is unkindness, there the battle against the divine teaching of love will be waged without hesitation. And unkindness is spread throughout the whole world, people outdo each other with the cruelty they inflict on their fellow human beings, and thus the whole world is to be blamed for the great world event which only began with humanity's unkindness and which results in ever greater unkindness and therefore has to be described as the working of hell, as the working of demonic forces.

And people do not recognise the spiritual low in which they find themselves. They only look at the purely external effects of world events but not at the spiritual state of those who, through their great unkindness, also cause their fellow human beings to act unkindly. And as long as this state of affairs is not recognised it cannot be remedied; as long as a person does not recognise unkindness as the greatest evil he will not make an effort to live in love, i.e. to bestow it upon his fellow human being .....

And thus he will not approve of Christ's teaching either, he will reject it because following it will not bring him any earthly advantage. But his actions will also be accordingly .... love will be suppressed again and only increased unkindness will be the result .... one person will strive to destroy the other, he will know no restraint, he will no longer be able to distinguish between right and wrong and therefore outdo himself in harshness and cruelty, and all love will grow cold and the spiritual low will sink to the extreme, and a world without love cannot exist, it is doomed and with it everything which does not try to redeem itself through love ....



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