Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2446b 12.8.1942

Wisdom without love unthinkable ....
Imperishable Knowledge ....

Consequently, the path of truth can only be found in love, and where love is lacking, the human being takes a wrong path that leads him away from the truth. For to be wise means to possess knowledge that corresponds to the truth. But to be wise also means to have imperishable knowledge, for knowledge is worthless if it sinks into nothingness with death. Imperishable knowledge, however, is only the knowledge of things which lie outside of the earthly, and this knowledge is little striven for, while man seeks to fathom everything of this earth and puts his honour in being considered knowledgeable.

This knowledge can indeed be beneficial insofar as it enables the human being to work with it in love. Such knowledge can be capital in the hands of the person who possesses it, if he uses it in such a way that he helps his fellow human beings and is thus lovingly active ..... He then acquires goods for himself. Then he also acquires goods for eternity with earthly knowledge, and these are everlasting, even though he does not take the knowledge with him into eternity .... With spiritual knowledge, however, the human being can also help his fellow human beings by directly imparting spiritual goods to the soul, thus also accumulating imperishable goods for himself as well as for the fellow human being to whom he imparts spiritual goods.

And only the human being who works and creates for eternity is truly wise, who therefore already creates clarity about spiritual things on earth and then lives his earthly life in accordance with this realisation. His knowledge is indestructible and extremely valuable, even though it is not properly valued by people due to ignorance. Worldly knowledge, however, usually only helps to increase earthly goods and is therefore valued excessively on earth without benefiting the soul unless it is used for the benefit of the fellow human being, i.e. in love for him. And thus love must always control the human being at the same time if the human being is to be truly knowledgeable or if worldly knowledge also brings him spiritual success. Without love, however, all knowledge is a dead commodity .... and without love the human being's knowledge is usually far removed from the truth ....



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