Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2450 15.u.16.8.1942

Acquiring the graces in the hereafter ....
Activity in spheres of light ....

The time of earthly life, which is rich in grace, comes to an end with the human being's death, for then his soul returns to the spiritual kingdom and is either richly blessed with spiritual possessions or poor and meagre, depending on whether it has made use of the graces it had at its disposal during earthly life. As soon as earthly life is over the supply of grace ceases insofar as the being now has to struggle for it itself, thus it only acquires grace again through its right attitude towards God ...., thus it is granted divine grace, i.e. His help, if it professes God, thus it acquires His emanation of love through the will to work of love.

This is a grace in the truest sense of the word, since the test of earthly life was actually intended to bring the human being final perfection and now God, out of greater than great love, does not deny the being His help in the beyond either, namely in such a way that He grants the being an insight into the suffering of other souls and thereby wants to induce the former to assist these suffering souls. Through this will to help it acquires God's grace again, which God hands out unmeasured to save the souls from dark adversity. And the soul thanks its Creator when it has become knowledgeable, i.e. when it can receive God's emanation of love, for then it is full of bliss and continuously praises and glorifies God. ....

(16.8.1942) The spheres of light are now accessible to this soul, they are its constant surroundings. It no longer has to fear a decline, it can only enter ever brighter spheres of light, but never a shadow will cloud its bliss .... And now its activity in the beyond begins, which brings it utmost satisfaction, for it only carries out what deepest love impels it to do, and therefore its present activity is blissful. A loving soul is only concerned with giving happiness, thus with handing out what makes it happy itself, and since it has experienced the state of lightlessness itself and agonisingly felt the lack of freedom, it wants to come to the aid of souls in its love which have to endure the same fate. For now she also knows that she is thereby fulfilling God's will; she feels, as it were, permeated by divine will and carries it out without resistance.

And yet she does not curtail the freedom of will of the souls she wants to guide upwards. Hence her work is laborious and requires utmost patience, yet her love will not let her tire, and the effort will also be rewarded, for she feels utmost bliss when the soul listens to her whisperings and begins to detach itself from the world. This work on the souls in the beyond and on earth is redeeming activity, the significance of which is only rarely understood by the human being on earth, for only the knowledge of eternal bliss makes the necessity of such activity comprehensible.

But as soon as the soul stands in the area of divine love emanation in the beyond it also knows about its task and its importance, and it now fulfils it with a devotion which is only founded in its love. Love and beatitude are inseparable, the soul has to prepare beatitude in love because it constantly receives beatitude, and it has to help the still bound souls to remove all obstacles which deny access to beatitude ..... The soul must pass on the knowledge through which the unfree souls also attain freedom and can now likewise enter spheres of light, into eternal bliss ....



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