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BD 2456 25.8.1942

Spiritual Looking ....
Coming and Past Events ....

The spiritual eye sees through all earthly shells and is therefore also able to see the activity in the spiritual kingdom, which also includes the spiritual activity of all beings that are still bound on earth. Everything that is not visible to the human eye can be seen with the spiritual eye, and time and space is no obstacle, but beyond time and space the human being who is able to see spiritually sees the things that were there, that are now and that are still to come. He sees the activity in the spiritual kingdom, but he also sees earthly events which must result from that spiritual activity, as it is determined in the plan of divine wisdom.

However, only a few people have the gifts of spiritual vision, God only reveals the future to a few people, for a general knowledge of this would endanger people's higher development, i.e. let them idly await what is to come. But those few people have the task of informing their fellow human beings of what is presented to their spiritual eye so that they become familiar with it. The gift of foresight is, so to speak, the right of those who establish a spiritual connection with the forces from the spiritual kingdom.

This connection can be conscious but also unconscious; the human being can open his heart to the currents from the spiritual kingdom through his will, thus declare himself willing to accept mental instructions, and these people will then also be given the second sight .... to see with spiritual eyes processes which lie in the future. But people are also unconscious recipients of spiritual messages, namely when their way of life makes them receptive for spiritual impartations, when a certain willingness to serve their neighbour .... an unselfish activity of love allows the working of spiritual forces, so that bright dreams or clear images reveal forthcoming events to them, which the person can then consciously reproduce as he has received them.

And these visions are only taken notice of and valued by those who are also of a loving heart, while they are rejected by others as trivial and improbable. But the soul must always have reached a certain degree of maturity, even if it is not outwardly recognisable .... spiritual forces must be able to work, and these must convey the images to them on divine instructions, i.e., the giving forces must want to receive and pass on the knowledge of it themselves in union with God. A look into the future will only ever influence the soul's development but should never result in earthly advantage.

Likewise, spiritual vision, the penetration of the material shell with the spiritual eye, will only be granted to the human being if he no longer strives for any earthly success, if he only tries to penetrate the secrets of creation in profound faith and humble devotion to an all-wise and loving Creator and if he wants to convey the impressions gained to his fellow human being again in order to promote his soul's salvation. Deepest love for God and deepest love for his neighbour can earn him the gift of spiritual vision, but his experiences and knowledge are again only credible to people who are on the same track .... In contrast, nothing is acceptable to the worldly person which he himself cannot see or grasp. The prerequisite for spiritual vision is a godly way of life and a willing heart that wants to pass on spiritual gifts ....

However, the human being is not always able to convey the images he has seen to his fellow human being if his capacity for comprehension is not at the same spiritual level, i.e. if his state of maturity lags behind that of the one who is seeing ..... The observer must absorb the images completely uninfluenced by external influences, he must be inwardly free of other impressions, so to speak, i.e. he must be willing to allow only the spiritual influx to have an effect on him. He must surrender himself completely to it and not allow any foreign influence to enter. And he does this when his will only desires the pure truth, when he acknowledges God alone as the authentic source of truth ..... Then the images will also completely correspond to the truth and he will also be able to reproduce the visions in exactly the same way .....

But the same prerequisite also applies to the person who receives the account. His own wrong thinking or his own erroneous thoughts, which he does not want to surrender, also change the image described to him ..... Therefore, only the representation by the observer himself is truly valuable, or else the fellow human being must also have a high degree of maturity of soul, so that he cannot receive the image in any other way as it is conveyed to him.

Spiritual vision refers to both coming and past events which happen or have happened on earth, but which are always connected with the spiritual higher development. Things of the future are only predicted by seers if they are to prepare people so that they may remember their souls .... whereas the seeing of past things by seers is, as it were, only to confirm that a spiritual connection exists between God and His creatures and that it has always existed and at all times .... and that therefore also the traditions may be believed which, due to the length of time, are to be repressed into the realm of fables and legends .....

What has happened on earth since eternity in order to guide humanity to knowledge will again and again be confirmed to people by seers .... and what will happen in the future again for the purpose of spiritual higher development, God will likewise reveal to humanity through people who are able to see spiritually or who receive His Word by way of a direct connection with spiritual knowing forces ....



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