Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2457 25.8.1942

Value of the directly received word compared to the seen ....

To those whom God imparts His Word the knowledge of truth comes in a form which leaves no doubt compared to those who have gained insight into the spiritual kingdom through dreams or visions or through such attain knowledge of future events, for the latter now reproduce in their own words what they have seen and are often unable to find the right words. Moreover, they are seldom only believed in their perceptions or predictions, for people want to have proof. The direct word, however, speaks for itself, and it can also be passed on unconstructed as long as the recipient wants to serve God through it.

The direct Word also gives complete clarity in matters of faith, in matters of doubt, whereas what was clairvoyantly seen can be interpreted in different ways and this was also done according to the spiritual direction of the one seeing or of the one to whom the spiritual image is imparted. For the knowledge previously possessed is always used as a basis, but rarely will someone be willing to renounce this knowledge and accept the knowledge offered to him from the spiritual kingdom ....



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