Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2460 28.u.29.8.1942

Greatness and Essence of the Eternal Deity ....

God's greatness will only be revealed to the human being when his spirit is awakened, yet even then it will still be incomprehensible to him, since nothing can be offered to him for comparison and the human being as such is incapable of unveiling this mystery. For God's greatness cannot be measured by earthly standards, nor is it a changeable concept; God will remain the most perfect, holiest Being for all eternity, as He has been since eternity ..... And yet, this perfect Being will take care of the most inconspicuous creature, since it was created from His hand, through His will of love. And yet, the eternal Deity appears to people as a Being Which acts in a narrowly limited way, because It holds the individual person responsible for what he does ....

(29.8.1942) However, God's gift of grace enables the human being to carry out what God demands of people. But what He demands of people is based on His eternal wisdom and love, and the human being cannot understand during his life on earth to what extent these demands correspond to God's wisdom. This can only be made understandable to him in parables and images as long as the human being is receptive to them. And this receptivity is again dependent on whether and how man establishes a bond with God. Accordingly, man will also be able to penetrate the essence of the Godhead.

God cannot be explained intellectually, and neither can He be comprehended intellectually ..... However, the more the intellect is active the more unclear the concept of the eternal Deity becomes to the human being and he can also become completely confused, because the recognition of the eternal Deity does not depend on the sharpness of the intellect but on the feeling of the heart. Thus the loving human being will sensitively form an idea of God which corresponds more closely to the truth than the image the human being creates of Him by virtue of his intellect.

But the loving human being will also be satisfied with the idea he has gained in the correct realisation that the greatness of God can never become comprehensible to the human being as long as he still lives on earth, yet he will not find His reign and activity incomprehensible either, he will not apply the standard to earthly circumstances, earthly effects and earthly events, he will not ponder and investigate intellectually but only blindly believe that everything God does and allows to happen is good and wise ..... And through this faith he will penetrate more deeply into the essence of the eternal Deity than can happen by thinking about it, if the human heart is less deeply in love. God is love and can only be understood through love.

God is spirit, and therefore enlightenment can only be given spiritually ..... Thus, that which is proclaimed through God's love to the spirit of the one who seeks to shape himself into love must also be recognised as truth. The sincere will for the latter is absolutely necessary, for spiritual striving is not the intellectually justifying will of the supernatural but working on oneself, educating oneself to love activity, gentleness, peaceableness, patience and mercy ..... The latter is led into the truth and to the recognition of it, while the former is always brooding and researching without coming to a completely satisfying result ....



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