Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2463 1.9.1942

Word of God - Most Delicious Gift of Grace ....

You go through a school of the spirit if the divine Word is brought to you and you receive it and try to benefit from it, for then you will inevitably have to mature, you will have to increase in knowledge and it must become clear and lucid in you ..... You will understand what was previously incomprehensible to you, you will understand God's infinite love which draws close to you and offers itself to you in the Word. And no matter what wisdom you possess is equal to the Word which comes to you directly, for it is the strength from God which flows to you directly and therefore also has an extraordinary effect. And as soon as you believe that God Himself speaks to you, you also desire His Word, and only then can you receive it, for God consciously wants to be desired in order to be able to express Himself; He wants to be acknowledged as a loving Father Who always and constantly provides His children with His gift of grace; and He wants His children to also desire His expression of love, His Word. For it is the most delicious thing He can offer you while you are still living on earth. The divine Word enables you to fulfil your earthly task, it makes you wise and educates you to love, it shows you the path to God, it helps your soul to ascend, for it helps you to shape your soul according to God's will. And therefore you cannot successfully cover the earthly change without the Word of God, you need it for your spiritual development.

But God's love knows what you lack and comes to meet you, offering everyone what helps him to ascend. It descends to you itself; it shows itself quite obviously so that your faith will become deeper and more intimate, for you will use it in the coming time. You will hunger for His Word and thirst for His grace, and you will be allowed to refresh yourselves at the spring from which the living water flows ..... You will be allowed to draw constantly, and you will be refreshed and strengthened if you drink the divine drink of refreshment; you will be satisfied by the Word of God, by the bread of heaven, which is offered to all those who sincerely desire it, who love God with all their heart and prove this love to Him through unselfish love for their neighbour. .... God Himself draws near to them in the Word, as He has promised ....



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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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