Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2465 4.9.1942

"Blessed are the poor in spirit ...."

How small is man, and how wise and powerful he thinks himself .... He believes he can reject divine gifts and wants to substitute his own wisdom. And he does not consider that his intellectual thinking is also a gift from God which he misuses if he does not use it in such a way that he learns to recognise God. God is the origin .... but he rates himself too highly, he does not want to accept anything above himself, otherwise he would also have to rate his wisdom lower than he does. But he smiles exaltedly when he is offered knowledge which far exceeds his knowledge .... He smiles because he believes himself to be knowledgeable and therefore also capable of passing judgement. And therefore he cannot increase in knowledge because he does not desire it ....

And therefore God distributes wisdom to those who feel low and ignorant, who would like to increase their knowledge and who acknowledge a Being above them Which knows everything, thus also the spiritual poverty of His living creations, which He can remedy .... And blessed are those who feel poor in spirit, who do not call worldly knowledge their own which makes them arrogant in spirit .... blessed are those who are hungry for the wisdom from above, who want to draw from the source which God Himself has opened .... this source is accessible to every human being yet humanity disdainfully passes it by ....

Yet the living water which flows from this source is the most delicious thing available to man .... It imparts to him a treasure that far surpasses all earthly goods. For the wisdom from God is a gift of grace which the human being can never do without once he has received it .... Wisdom from God has eternal value, wisdom from God makes the human being indescribably happy, and wisdom from God gives strength to strive upwards ....

Worldly knowledge, on the other hand, fades and is worthless, i.e. it is only useful for the time of earthly change and only brings earthly advantage. Spiritual knowledge, however, is of little use in earthly life and yet the human being no longer relinquishes it once he has found it. And those who reject it thereby testify to their merely worldly attitude and their low desire for truth, otherwise they would have to recognise it as a precious gift and likewise strive for it ....



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