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BD 2467 8.9.1942

Working of the Spirit ....
Outpouring of the Holy Spirit ....

You hear the voice of the Lord in different ways .... Gratefully accept everything you are offered and only pay attention to the spirit of love within you. For you will be considered according to its strength. And therefore don't doubt if the different form of receiving gives you pause for thought. For the degree of love in you determines this form, i.e., the deeper the human being is permeated by love the more obviously the expression of the divine spirit will appear. But a weaker activity of love can also result in divine spiritual activity, only in a less convincing way so that it is not immediately recognised as spiritual activity, although the result, the mental activity, corresponds to the direct revelations which a profoundly loving person may receive .....

The pure teaching of Christ will always underlie all revelations. Therefore, as soon as the directly received Word and also the thought activity of the truth-seeking human being corresponds with the pure teaching of Christ, it is also possible to speak of the working of the divine spirit ..... For the directly received Word can only ever be called the pure teaching of Christ from the heavens, and any change, thus any teaching which deviates from this pure Word of God, can be regarded as human addition and therefore rejected.

The spirit of God will always guide people correctly in their thinking as well as in their actions and speech. He will also bring people together who are seriously concerned about the truth, who strive for what is right and want to serve God ...., because their innermost attitude is decisive, which is expressed in dialogue with God. These people will also be honoured by God's revelations and they will be full of conviction to think right and to know the truth ....

(8.9.1942) Therefore, the working of the spirit will be recognisable wherever people seriously concern themselves with penetrating spiritual realms .... where the serious will to ascertain the truth exists and where God is consulted through prayer. For there the activity of thought will always be under the control of knowing spiritual beings, thus those seeking people will be prevented from thinking wrongly, and the right thoughts which correspond to truth will constantly be conveyed to them by these beings.

For this is the working of the spirit in the human being, that the activity of thought is an orderly one, that the human being must think consistently and clearly and therefore need not fear erroneous opinions. He will always be able to distinguish truth from error, and he will not need a human being to do so but will, as it were, become knowledgeable through himself because he considers his thought material to have been gained by himself. But it is always the strength of the spirit which permeates him, which impels the spiritual spark in him to express itself, thus to make itself known to the soul, so that the human being as such accepts the gifts of the spirit, thus he is taught pure truth from within.

But it is always a prerequisite that the human being practices love, otherwise the spirit from God cannot work in him. However, where a life of love is lived the spiritual knowledge must also be the same, the thoughts and views must agree, and thus all their thoughts must be recognised and assessed as spirit activity. And therefore loving and capable people will always be of the same spirit, for God will always express Himself through such people, it is just that His working is often not recognised for what it is .... as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

For people no longer know what they should understand by it. They are so far removed from love themselves that God's working in them has become impossible, and without this working of God in the human being they know nothing of the truth, even though they believe to be in knowledge. And what corresponds to truth they do not recognise as such until they are likewise enlightened by the Holy Spirit, until God Himself works in them through His spirit. For God has indeed set limits for people who do not live in accordance with His will, but He does not withhold knowledge from those who fulfil all prerequisites in order to become enlightened by His spirit ....



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