Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2472 13.9.1942

Test on an example ....

Putting it to the test would give people the best proof of what they are capable of by virtue of their will, if it is exclusively dedicated to the work of love .... The Word of God gives people clear guidelines on how they should live so that Jesus' promises to mankind will be fulfilled. And one of these promises is: "You will accomplish even greater things ....". But he also taught people what they should do and that they should lead a life of love .... The human will must become active, the human being must decide to serve in love, then the divine promise will be fulfilled in him that he will be able to achieve extraordinary things ....

And every person can test this, he can, as it were, convince himself of the truth of what is presented to people as the divine Word. This would be so simple and have a convincing effect and yet this test is not carried out because the human will is too weak ..... Nevertheless, the human being rejects the divine Word with a certain superiority ..... He is free to provide himself with proof, yet he does not do so because his weak will prevents him from living a life of love. For the latter is absolutely necessary if the strength from God is to manifest itself through a person. An activity of love is necessary if the human being wants to become wise and therefore following the divine Word is the first condition, for this Word teaches love .... love for God and the neighbour ....

But the person who lives a life of love also feels the strength from God in himself. He is able to achieve extraordinary things and his spirit teaches him correctly. He becomes wise, and he also wants to convey this gained wisdom to his fellow human being by imparting his knowledge to him or by drawing his fellow human being's attention to the conditions for directly receiving the divine flow of strength. And thus he must suggest to him to put it to the test, he must show him the path he has taken himself so that it can also be followed by his fellow human being.

And if the other person believes him and allows his will to become active, the power of the spirit will also begin to work in him. He penetrates the deepest depths of wisdom, divine strength flows through him and makes him able to see with spiritual eyes and to hear with spiritual ears. He has now become convinced because he has believed and because his faith has caused him to live as God demands of people through His Word ..... It has become bright and clear in him, he has become knowledgeable, through his life of love he has proven to himself that the promises of Christ, the divine Word, are inviolable, that they are fulfilled in every person who follows His Word and lives a life of love in accordance with God's will ....



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