Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2476 17.9.1942

Spiritual upheaval ....
New formation ....
Fighting against teaching of Christ ....

The extent to which the world is still in error can be seen from the erroneous view that is widespread among humanity that a spiritual upheaval can be brought about by means of planned reformation in the religious sphere. This view underlies the whole endeavour which intervenes in all existing schools of thought in order to suppress or dissolve them. And people do not consider that spiritual aspirations must be carried out without any coercion if they are really to be felt deeply within. As soon as spiritual freedom is prevented, i.e. the human being's striving is hindered or he is forced into a spiritual direction, there can be no question of spiritual development of the human being, for this requires complete freedom of will. Consequently, spiritual development can never be achieved in a schematic way.

However, the world, i.e. worldly-minded humanity, does not strive for spiritual higher development of the soul either, but only seeks to eliminate the existing from the world and wants to set something new in its place as compensation ..... The new should, as it were, replace everything that has existed so far. The new shall, as it were, surpass everything that has gone before, it shall displace all teachings which have been offered to people so far, and thus Christ's teaching shall also be displaced and replaced by humanly compiled thoughts .... by knowledge of misguided people who want to spread error amongst people again.

Humanity has already distanced itself very far from the truth, yet to a certain extent it still holds on to the old traditions which still carry truth .... But now these shall also be discarded and what is offered to people as a substitute does not contain a spark of truth but are ideas of earthly-minded people who lack all light and live in spiritual darkness on earth. They live in error themselves and now also try to spread it .....

And they find little resistance, for humanity is in deepest darkness itself and therefore does not recognise what is truth and what is error. And even less does it realise that such a spiritual revolution can never take place, for people try to displace the Word of God, but this Word is everlasting and will exist as long as the earth exists; consequently, the battle against the teaching of Christ, which is nothing other than the Word of God, is futile, for God will never allow a school of thought to gain the upper hand which is directed against the divine teaching of love, and therefore people can make plans as they like, they will not come to a satisfactory result, because they proceed against God and His Word Himself and therefore must constantly lose, for God and His Word are everlasting; but what people let come into being has no permanence and therefore must disintegrate into itself.... ...



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