Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2478 19.9.1942

Diminished work of the spirit ....

The strength of the spirit is constantly effective as long as the human being feels drawn to the eternal Deity, i.e. as long as he has the desire to intimately unite with God and to receive His grace. But the power of the spirit is not always equally effective, because the desire in the human being is also expressed to different degrees. The strong desire for love for God leaves no room for any other thought in the heart, and therefore the spirit from God can also fill the heart because it is granted unhindered entry into it. However, as soon as the desire is weakened, i.e. the human being carries worldly thoughts in his heart in addition to the desire for God, the spirit's activity is restricted .... and therefore it cannot work unhindered and is not perceived as exceptionally effective.

But its work remains until man pays more attention to the world than to God ..... But once the spirit from God is effective, worldly desire will never prevail, for the human being no longer wants to miss the divine gift and time and again wrestles his way through to unrestrained devotion to God. Spiritual food satisfies the human being far more than fulfilment through the world, and therefore, whoever has once received spiritual food will hunger for it, even if the world with its temptations pushes itself forward again and again and wants to make the human being weak. Contact with the spiritual world, which is established through heartfelt desire for God, is the source of deepest wisdom for the human being, and once he has drawn from it nothing else will satisfy him completely, and therefore he will thirst for this water time and again, and as soon as he thirsts he will also be refreshed from the source of eternal life .....

God does not leave people in spiritual hardship who long for Him, yet at times He lets them feel the hardship in order to increase their desire for Him, so that the spirit can express itself more strongly again, for God knows every individual person's state of soul and thus He also recognises the soul's weakness and the diminishing of spiritual hunger, and thus He temporarily lets the human being go hungry in order to make him aware of his hardship if he disregards the grace of the heavenly Father. And in such adversity the child takes refuge with the Father again and establishes the bond with Him all the more intimately. And God's strength and grace will flow to him again, and there are no limits to the working of the spirit. ....



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