Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2479b 20.9.1942

Spiritual teachings ....
Pure truth ....

And the beings now express themselves according to the heart's ability to love. Everything in the spiritual kingdom only strives for the spreading of truth, for the spiritual kingdom is a kingdom of light. But earth and also the still earthbound spheres in the beyond are places of darkness into which the light has to be carried, i.e. the truth has to be spread because error and lies, thus unconscious and conscious untruth, have the upper hand. However, the truth cannot be arbitrarily guided into these dark regions but through a connection, which is established with the spiritual kingdom out of love for the neighbour, the Word of God, which is pure truth in itself, has to be brought close to people in order to now be able to be propagated through human mouths. And this is necessary because humanity walks entirely in error but no longer recognises the error .....

Divine love looks for a human being to reveal Itself to, which, however, need not be anything extraordinary because every human being is originally destined to audibly hear the divine voice. But only a few people make use of this privilege. On the other hand, this is the only way to receive the eternal wisdom. God as the Word brings Himself close to people so that they can draw all wisdom from Him. And God is truth .... Untruth could never be spread if God Himself speaks to people ....

What is taken over by people can be permeated by error, but never what God Himself guides to earth, what comes into being without external help and only has the thought activity of a God-affirming, love-capable and truth-desiring person as its cause. For what has come into being through mental activity presupposes spiritual strength, and the nature of the spiritual forces merely depends on the human being himself, whether he strives for the eternal Deity, whether he desires to ascend and establishes contact with the spiritual kingdom .... or, through worldly desire and unkindness, allows access to those forces which are still far removed from God. But God as the eternal truth resists those forces as soon as a person's will is turned towards God and truth ....



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