Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2480 21.9.1942

Worldly Attitude ....
Only Love Redeems ....

The worldly attitude carries the greatest danger for the soul, for it is held back from spiritual striving, it is demanded to take the body into account .... thus the human being's will, thinking and feeling is only directed towards creating all comforts for the body. And consequently the soul is prevented from being at the will of the spirit within it, the spiritual is therefore left unnoticed, and the soul either stops in its higher development or it shapes itself regressively when the bodily desire predominates and the human being turns more and more towards the world. For the spiritual kingdom will never be compatible with the earthly kingdom ..... Worldly fulfilment will never bring salvation to the soul, the human being can never live above and below at the same time, he will always have to do one at the expense of the other. And people do not consider this .... Their whole striving is aimed at the body's comfort, and the soul has to live in want as soon as the body's desire is fulfilled.

But in what error do people walk when they believe that they fulfil their duties towards God when they perform external ceremonies? .... What God requires of people is living faith in Himself and His Word, which, however, must also result in action according to God's Word. This Word teaches the transience of all earthly things and provides knowledge of the meaning and purpose of earthly life and of the soul's state after bodily death .... According to God's Word earthly life must be lived in order to shape the soul's state after death into one full of light. And thus everything that is earthly, i.e. transient, must remain unnoticed and only the imperishable soul must be considered as long as the human being remains on earth. But the soul cannot develop progressively as long as it is hindered by physical desire to unite with the spirit within itself. And the latter can only happen through loving activity .....

The neighbour must be considered more than one's own body, the human being must put aside his own "I" and be absorbed in the loving activity towards his fellow human beings .... However, anyone who only thinks of himself is still so earthbound that it is difficult for him to detach himself from the earth .... Self-love is the greatest obstacle to ascent, for self-love is the opposite of neighbourly love, and only neighbourly love is truly redeeming, only neighbourly love signifies spiritual progress for the soul, and only neighbourly love shapes the human being according to God's will. But every action which lacks neighbourly love is a purely formal action, something external which has no inner value and does not contribute in the least to the soul's transformation. Only love redeems, and if a person does not practise love his soul will be lost for eternity. ....



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