Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2483 25.9.1942

Earth mission of the servants of God ....

There is truly no greater task on earth than to be in God's service and to fulfil His mission, which consists of receiving His Word and passing it on to fellow human beings. Anyone who has the Word will also find the right path which leads to God, and therefore the Word of God has to be brought to people so that they will find their way to Him ..... And God's will is that all people come to Him, and for this they need His Word ....

And therefore God trains His servants who receive His Word from Him and are now also diligently active in spreading this Word. This is an activity which will always find God's pleasure because it requires love for their fellow human beings ..... Yet anyone who has the Word must also be active in love, since the activity of love alone makes the human being receptive to the divine Word. And again, the divine Word must stimulate loving activity, for the human being cannot fail to pass on this precious gift because his heart itself feels it to be blissful and happiness is always communicable.

However, the task of distributing spiritual goods is also responsible to a certain extent, for only truth shall be spread, and therefore the God-serving person must also make sure that he only passes on pure truth. He is chosen to separate truth from lies, and he will also be able to do so as soon as he loves the truth himself ..... He will immediately recognise every error as an error. But now he must also stand up for what he himself recognises as truth, only then will he serve God, Whose will it is that humanity shall be well instructed in truth and thus walk in truth.

God can never allow error to walk alongside truth, for error is not His work but that of the adversary. Consequently, everything untrue must be fought, and this task is given to the human being who, by receiving the divine gift, has the clearest realisation that he himself stands in the truth. Pure truth is such a precious commodity to him that he will never again be satisfied with teachings which do not correspond to the pure truth. Consequently, he will also not want to fob off his fellow human being with teachings which he cannot substantiate because he lives in love and recognises pure truth as such.

He will always endeavour to enlighten, and this endeavour will always result in God's blessing. For He wants the truth to be spread on earth, because only through pure truth can the human being ascend. But the human being's endeavour will also be supported by God. He will guide the human being as is right. For if he wants to be of service to Him he will place himself entirely under His protection ..... He consciously places his earthly life at the service of his fellow human beings. And where love for one's neighbour is active it must inevitably be possible to achieve success, the human being must become knowledgeable himself, and he will also constantly work with this knowledge by educating himself as a teacher and trying to enlighten his fellow human beings with merciful love in order to help their souls ascend ....



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