Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2484 26.9.1942

Adulterated doctrine ....
Spiritual flattening ....

The fact that people are moving further and further away from God is largely due to the fact that they are no longer being instructed correctly, i.e. in the truth. For only truth leads to God, but every error increases the distance from Him. And humanity is already too far entangled in error, and therefore the spiritual degeneration has progressed so far that it results in the conditions to which people are now exposed. There is a deeper reason for this spiritual flattening than is apparent to humanity. .... An unprecedented error has caused people to turn away from faith, to slacken in their spiritual striving because they did not want to and could not believe what was demanded of them.

Divine wisdom is certainly only comprehensible to those who have made themselves receptive to it through their way of life, yet every willing person feels a certain strength emanating from the divine Word, even though he cannot yet muster the full understanding for it. If, however, the divine teaching is deformed, i.e. if people are offered something as God's Word, as truth, which no longer corresponds to truth, then the person who thinks legally in his heart will feel repelled by it and reject it .... or else he will accept it and poison his entire thinking because what he is offered is untruth.

And a teaching which is not of divine origin can never result in spiritual success .... it can certainly be followed but this following cannot be called spiritual striving, for something is carried out more mechanically without establishing the intimate connection with God. And such a teaching results in distance from God rather than intimate union. But if this teaching is very widespread a general spiritual flattening is also understandable, for pure truth enlightens people and stimulates them to spiritual striving, whereas everything which deviates from pure truth suppresses spiritual striving.

Words can certainly be used which echo the pure truth but they will never have the strength which the divine Word carries within itself, nor will they have the effect .... of maturing the soul and thus a state of light, i.e. of knowledge ..... They will only remain words without strength and effect, the souls will remain at a certain standstill until pure truth displaces this erroneous teaching. Only then will humanity reduce its distance from God when it recognises the pure truth and establishes the bond with God in order to receive divine wisdom ..... Only then will it surrender the erroneous teaching because it feels the power of the divine Word and can now also believe with conviction ....



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