Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2488 1.10.1942

Misfortunes of life are graces ....

Whoever has decided for God also remains in His grace, for every adversity of life is grace which is to promote his ascent to the heights. Only through constant fighting can the human being mature until his life has become an uninterrupted service in love. Every resistance increases his willpower if he tries to overcome it .... it increases his urge to be active, without which life would be a decline, because activity alone is the epitome of life. Without resistance, however, the urge to be active would also slacken and earthly life would not lead to the success which is its final goal .... to the soul's maturity, which can only mature in struggle and constant activity .... provided that the activity is a service in love and not carried out in a destructive sense.

But anyone who strives towards God will never disregard the commandment of neighbourly love and thus also try to overcome every adversity in life without harming his neighbour ...., thus his life struggle will be carried out in compliance with the commandment of neighbourly love. And this is decisive as to whether all hardship and adversity in life, which God imposes on people out of grace, also work as grace, whether they are overcome as touchstones on the path of earthly life and thus bring advantage to the human being's soul. For grace must also be recognised as grace. But anyone who strives towards God humbly accepts everything God imposes on him, and for him every suffering will only be a proof of God's love which shall bring him maturity of soul ....



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