Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2491 2.10.1942

Mental response to spiritual questions ....

Every spiritual question is solved for the human being who turns to the eternal Deity Himself and asks Him for an answer. But the human being must also pay attention to his thoughts, he must stay with the question for a longer time and listen within, he must pay attention to which thoughts come to him and to what extent they seem acceptable to him. For the requested answer will force itself into his memory so that he feels it to be correct. Asking questions is necessary because it causes the human being to deal with it mentally, and only then can he receive an answer because this is likewise conveyed to him mentally. God does not withhold knowledge from any human being, but as long as knowledge is not desired it cannot be given to him.

Spiritual knowledge, however, can only be offered spiritually; it cannot be proven and therefore cannot be handed out as a fixed teaching. Spiritual knowledge must be acquired through a God-pleasing way of life, through the right attitude towards God and spiritual striving. But then the divine gifts which contain knowledge are unlimited. Where the human being's will is willing to receive this divine gift, all knowledge will be offered to the human being, every question touching spiritual problems will be answered, and therefore the human being should not slacken in requesting the divine gift; he should ask and request, he should listen and give thanks for every answer which now comes to him through God's great love.

Receiving divine wisdom is a proof of God's love, for thereby the soul has the opportunity to mature while it is on earth. And God offers His gifts in such a way that they stimulate further striving. And He wants to stimulate the human being's thirst for knowledge, He wants to prompt him to ask ever new questions, and thus the knowledge offered to the human being by spiritual beings, who carry out God's will by being active in teaching, is inexhaustible.

Making contact with God must also inevitably result in increased knowledge, for He Himself distributes the truth, and He gives as long as people desire the truth, His Word, which makes the person knowledgeable who desires to be knowledgeable. Every exchange of thoughts with spiritual beings, i.e., every mentally posed question as well as the mentally received answer corresponds to God's will, and therefore the human being can continuously increase his knowledge, for those beings in the beyond will always be willing to answer people's questions and impart spiritual knowledge to them, as it is God's will ....



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