Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2497 6.10.1942

Spiritual work ....
Separation ....
Powers of the Underworld ....

In the spheres of light dark forces can never assert themselves, and the knowledge of this is so important because it refutes many erroneous teachings. As soon as the spirit of God is active in a human being, i.e., as soon as God Himself obviously works through a human being by conveying His Word through him to earth, a partition is erected so that evil forces remain separated from that human being as long as the spirit of God is active, so that a contamination of the divine Word by erroneous teachings is excluded.

Therefore the forces of the underworld cannot express themselves in the usual way by confusing the thoughts of the human being and making him receptive to their teachings. And therefore they try to touch the truth of the divine Word in another way ..... They scatter doubtful thoughts into the human being's heart as soon as the spirit from God is no longer directly active. They seek to bring knowledge to him in the form of truth which contradicts the knowledge received from God and thus undermine the firmness of faith, they bring doubtful thoughts into his heart and constantly strive to shake the strength of faith.

Yet the beings of light are constantly concerned about the human being who has declared himself willing to accept the truth from God. The will to serve God earns the human being strongest protection on the part of beings which are full of light and strength and can also work accordingly ..... Divine wisdom is unfathomable for people who only research without love. It is unthinkable to want to penetrate it according to plan, and thus wisdom cannot be taught but has to be recognised through loving activity. Therefore no man can put himself into a knowing or seeing state through training, but only the love of his heart makes him able to see and know about hidden things.

Intellectual knowledge can certainly be acquired, but never wisdom, which must be born in the heart through active love, which is therefore an expression of the divine spiritual spark dormant in the human being towards the soul of the human being. The human being can certainly be pointed by teachings to the path on which he can reach the truth from God. But he has to take the path himself if he is to become enlightened and attain realisation. And therefore the human being will only be introduced to truth through the working of the spirit, for this working of the spirit is the result of the activity of love, which is why only the teachings imparted to people through the working of the spirit have the right to be completely truthful and therefore everything can be rejected which does not correspond to this wisdom conveyed to people from above. For there is truth where God is obviously active ....



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