Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2498 6.10.1942

Education in forbearance ....
Work in the afterlife ....

The human being must train himself to be patient, for this virtue is absolutely necessary if the soul wants to participate in the work of redemption in the beyond. Often the soul will encounter more resistance than on earth if it wants to persuade the ignorant and suffering souls to accept admonitions and instructions, and only through utmost patience can it win these souls over for itself and then start its work on them. The state of suffering of these souls does not contribute to their willingness to accept but rather they reject the souls wanting to help them, for they still lack all patience since they are imperfect.

However, the already more mature soul must not allow itself to be distracted, it must time and again try to make contact with them with tireless patience, it must lovingly assist them itself and try to change their initial aversion, it must repeat every unsuccessful attempt and thus time and again approach these souls and present their suffering state to them and at the same time suggest to them what they should do in order to improve their state of soul. Only extreme patience and great love will bring success.

But this success is unspeakably happy for the helpful being and spurs it on to be constantly active in the spiritual kingdom. The soul which has once tasted this happiness, which has seen into the depths of the kingdom on the other side, will never stop being active for the redemption of these beings. Its own state of light enables it to pass on light, and the love for the imperfect beings constantly impels it to do so. But the gentlest mind is necessary if the more mature soul wants to achieve success. For this reason patience has to be practised on earth, the human being has to be gentle, peaceful and always willing to help his neighbour, then he will also be able to fulfil his task in the beyond, which consists of winning over the God-opposing spirit and making the goods accessible to it, which alone are valuable for eternity .....



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