Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2501 8.10.1942

The spiritual low is recognisable in times of need ....

The spiritual low will become particularly apparent when a general adversity will affect people and thus taking refuge in God is the only thing that could bring them help. But they will not take this path because they lack faith in a loving and merciful God. And this faith alone enables them to endure the most difficult things. But where faith is lacking there will be indescribable chaos .... , fear and worry will cause people to despair who do not know the One Who is close to them. And people will fear for their lives and no-one will come to their aid .... yet they will not think of the One Who can help them.

Their hearts are empty and thus their spirit is empty too, they only see earthly horrors and hardship, they see everything around them disintegrate, they see their possessions disappear and they have no comfort, no hope and no explanation for the dreadful adversity which affects them, for they don't know about the necessity of what shakes their entire thinking. They will leave their neighbour in adversity without help, for they are only concerned about saving their property and keeping their lives safe.

And it will become apparent how distant from God people are, how they only pray to Him with their lips when they call upon Him or speak His name, yet only very few will seriously remember the Creator and commend themselves to Him and His grace, and these few will be ridiculed and mocked by their fellow human beings. In their distance from God they lack all faith in an almighty, wise and loving Creator. They only know the world and it threatens to collapse ....

And people's spiritual low point is clearly recognisable, for they only cling to earthly life and do not think about their soul and life after death. They fear losing their lives and are therefore extremely worried, yet they do not think about their spiritual hardship, which will have a far more bitter effect in the beyond than the heaviest fate on earth can be. Yet the adversity is unavoidable, for without it the spiritual low will not be lifted, but God remembers the few who find their way to Him in this adversity and are saved through it for eternity ....



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