Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2502 9.u.10.10.1942

Task of the one through whom the Spirit of God is evidently works ....

Divine spirit floods everything visible and invisible, because everything has come forth from God. However, the divine spirit only becomes manifest in the human stage, because before that the beings lack the understanding and knowledge of God and His working. Only the human being has the gift to recognise God, and consequently the working of the divine spirit can only be revealed in the human being. The spirit of God is in everything that is visible to the human being, and it also makes itself known to those who have already progressed so far in the knowledge of God that they can also understand the divine working of the spirit. The spirit of God obviously descends upon them, i.e. they accomplish things through the spirit of God which are otherwise not possible for a human being, thus the spirit of God works through these people.

But the heart of the person through whom God's spirit works must be without slag, the person must have changed to love in his whole being, he must submit himself to God, i.e., he must only strive to fulfil His will and consciously want to serve Him. And God's spirit descends upon him, it increases his knowledge by informing him through the soul of God's reign and activity, of the original beginning and final goal of all beings, of the meaning and purpose of creation and the human being's earthly life.

Once the human being has been introduced to the truth through the Spirit of God, once divine wisdom has been imparted to him, he is now able to fulfil a task in the service of humankind ..... The task is to convey God's will to people as a mediator .... God wants to speak to people through the mouths of men. The receiver is to express to people what he has heard through the voice of his heart. God needs the human being for this task and therefore fills him with His spirit. Only a knowing human being can be active as a teacher, and thus he is trained by God to become a knowing human being so that he can then pass on his knowledge.

The spiritual spark in the human being is in constant contact with the spirit from God, which is God's emanation and which permeates everything that seeks to shape itself into perfection ..... The divine spiritual spark in the human being is therefore increased by the influx .... its strength increases; strength and light, however, are one, and light is knowledge .... And thus man must become knowledgeable as soon as he is flooded by the spirit of God ....

But the human being should use his knowledge, he should pass it on to his fellow human beings, for he is destined to do so as soon as the spirit of God works through him. For people urgently need the spiritual influx which is now conveyed to them through a mediator because they do not shape themselves in such a way that they can be the direct recipients of it. The will to fulfil this task is, to a certain extent, also the prerequisite for the spiritual gift to be offered to a person, even though the person himself must also be diligently active in shaping his soul and only the will to do so enables him to take on the office of mediator. For the spirit of God can only be effective where all requirements are met, because the gifts offered to people by the spirit of God are extremely precious and therefore cannot be given indiscriminately to every person who is not worthy of them ....



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