Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2505 11.10.1942

"I stand at the door and knock ...."

And even if a man were to speak with the tongues of angels in order to spread the Word of God, he will meet with resistance and will not find faith. But therefore do not grieve, you who devote yourselves to this task. Consider that you fight for Me and thus also receive wounds for Me .... furthermore, consider that I, too, have met with little approval on earth, that My Word could not convince humanity either, and thus My Word will always and forever be an apple of discord, and people will be at odds with each other for the sake of My Word.

I want to bring peace amongst humanity, yet they do not accept peace .... I want to offer them comprehensible knowledge, yet it does not give Me a hearing, instead, it antagonises My representatives. And therefore they cannot partake of the gift I offer them from above, although they bitterly need it. I Am the Word and I descend to earth ..... I want to offer Myself to people yet they do not accept Me .... I stand before the door and knock, but they do not open to Me .... And in their hearts there is night, they do not see the light which wants to shine upon them, they close themselves to the ray of light which wants to penetrate and thus they remain in darkness. And there are very many of them who no longer recognise My love and also reject My servants from the door who want to bring them the gift of their Lord ....

What unspeakable hardship is there amongst humanity which, in its spiritual blindness, also still shuns the light; and what effort and patience is required to open the eyes of these blind people. And where My love cannot bring this about, My power must intervene. People do not hear the words of love, but they must hear the voice of My might, for they cannot escape this voice. I Am the Word and I want people to listen to My Word; I want to reveal Myself to them, and thus, if they don't pay attention to the revelations I send to them through the mouths of men, they shall hear Me Myself and My voice will sound mightily ..... I will speak through the forces of nature and force them to pay attention to Me, because no-one can close his ear to this Word.

You humans do not believe that I reveal Myself, you do not believe that I Am Lord over all powers in heaven and on earth .... you only believe what can be proven to you earthly and what you want to believe about it. And because you are distant from God yourselves you deny that God can be closer to one of you and make Himself known to him .... Yet you forget that I can provide you with the evidence at any time that I Am the One Who determines every law of nature and Whose strength is truly so great that everything is possible for Him ..... And thus I must make Myself known to you in this work of destruction, for nothing is by chance and what happens, happens through Me ....

No human being is able to prevent this will of Mine, and no human being is able to stop an event which has been determined since eternity, because I have known since eternity about people's wrong will, about their deformed thinking and their blatant rejection of My Word. I have known about people's spiritual low for eternity and previously used all means to remedy it, yet if every means fails I Myself come in the raging of the elements and speak to people, and anyone who still does not pay attention to this voice will be lost for eternity. ....



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