Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2506 11.10.1942

God's love and mercy comes to meet the people ....

And that is God's great mercy, that He draws people to Himself through His grace, that He offers them His help, because without it they fail, because they cannot find the way into the Father's house if God does not meet them. The Father wants to fetch His child home, yet the child does not recognise the Father until He reaches out His hand and draws it to Himself. And this mercy is the outflow of His love. What has emerged from Him He seeks to guide back to Himself, for it is a part of Himself. It should turn to Him of its own free will but since it no longer recognises its origin it is too weak, and therefore it needs His love and grace and His abundant mercy .....

And even the coming great suffering is a work of God's mercy, it is a grace which shall help people to return to God. Yet people will not recognise it as mercy and therefore it will also remain ineffective ..... Suffering will not be able to bend people, for they are far from God and don't know about His great love and mercy. They are His living creations and no longer know the Creator, they are His children and do not desire to return to the Father's house because they are spiritually blind and do not want to accept the light which God sends to them on their path of life out of great mercy ....



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