Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2507 12.10.1942

God's will ....
commands ....
peace and Order ....
Effect ....

And this is God's will that you keep peace with each other, that you serve each other in love and bear your suffering together. And if you fulfil His will your life will also be a peaceful and blessed one, and suffering and sorrow will stay away from you, for then you will live in a way that is beneficial for your soul ..... You practise neighbourly love and thereby also prove to God your love for Him, and your way of life is pleasing to God. But how do you people relate to each other now? .... You fight each other, you harm your neighbour and unkindness is at its peak. And therefore you have to suffer, you have to endure much hardship, and this hardship shall bring about that you learn to bear the suffering together, that you serve each other.

God's will must be fulfilled, otherwise the human being violates divine order. If the human being complies with divine will, his life can only be peaceful, just as everything on earth will be harmonious and peaceful if people share the same will with God. However, as soon as the human being opposes this divine will his life will also have to proceed in a certain disorder which he himself does not like, for the human being demonstrates a wrong will when he acts against divine will. Fulfilment of divine will, order and peace are cause and effect, but suffering, sorrow, discord and earthly chaos will also be the consequences of acting contrary to divine will .....

And therefore God gave His commandments so that people would know God's will. He established certain guidelines for earthly conduct according to which people should live their lives, and He also informed them of the consequences of a life which does not comply with these guidelines. The divine commandments are given to people as a blessing, so that whoever fulfils them will partake of eternal life. Failure to fulfil them, however, results in the death of the soul.

The divine will must be observed, for as long as the human being or his soul opposes this will he still proves his apostasy from God, he is still contrary to God. And his life on earth consequently has to be a state which is not pleasing to him so that he will be urged to change his will, so that he will join God Whom he previously did not recognise. Therefore earthly suffering is inevitably necessary for the human being who does not observe God's will or completely opposes Him. God only requires the human being's will to submit to divine will, thus the human being does what God tells him to do through His commandments, then he fulfils God's will and is then granted a life full of harmony and peace of soul in the midst of the chaos and confusion of the world which arose through unkindness.



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