Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2518 18.10.1942

Love ....
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In a world of discord people must of necessity fall into confused thinking; for the cause of discord is lack of love, and where there is a lack of love the human being is also far removed from the truth. This wrong thinking can never benefit the soul; the soul cannot mature as long as it does not think correctly, i.e. as long as it is not in truth. And that is why love must first be cultivated, only then will the human being also think correctly, and only then can he give information about problems without being mistaken.

As soon as disputes arise in the spiritual sphere people are only allowed to express their opinion if they endeavour to live a life of love, and no attention need be paid to the opinion of a person without love. And this also applies to all teaching people. As soon as they are in love they spread truth, often even unintentionally insofar as the people listening to them will understand it as it corresponds to truth, even if the teaching person was wrongly instructed. However, a loving person also recognises error if it is offered to him, providing his desire for truth is strong and he wants to serve God by spreading the truth. .... Whose spirit has become free through loving activity is also called to teach his fellow human beings.

In the loveless world, however, the spirit is not yet free, unkindness keeps it in bondage, and therefore the person whose spirit is still bound is distant from truth and will therefore never be able to pass on truth to his fellow human beings, instead, what he imparts to them is permeated by error, if not complete error. From this it can be seen that only a few people are in the truth, because only a few people are loving. This is such a bitter realisation that these few have to fight a difficult battle if they want to guide people into truth, because they first have to preach love to them, for only then can the human being recognise the truth when his heart has become capable of love ..... And to change the loveless human race into love is truly a task which can hardly be accomplished if God Himself does not take care of humanity.

The more loveless people are, the more difficult it will be for the truth to prevail, and it will always be fought against by those who believe they know the truth but practice too little love themselves. Test the teachers as to how far they stand in love .... and test whether these teachers only pass on learned wisdom .... Truth must be felt, it cannot be learned in a school .... And what is passed on only becomes wisdom when it has been received by the heart and mind at the same time .... and a person is only wise when knowledge shines in him like a light and makes him happy.

The teacher must be in love and the person being taught must also receive wisdom with a heart capable of love, only then will it be possible to speak of true wisdom. And humanity lacks this love, and thus it also lacks wisdom, the truth from God ..... Yet it believes itself to be knowledgeable and rejects everything that opposes its knowledge. For until humanity has changed into love it is content with adopted teachings which it believes to be the truth, because it lacks all power of knowledge ....



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