Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Konnersreuth ....
Piety ....

Anyone who is able to look into the spiritual kingdom has an awakened spirit, and through the connection with the spiritual beyond himself he accomplishes things which fellow human beings regard as a miracle. However, it is only spiritual activity that is possible for the human being who, through a God-pleasing way of life, can make use of the spiritual forces with which the spiritual spark within him unites. The way in which these powers work is determined by the human being himself through his will or through his intellectual thinking. He can therefore carry out certain things which seem desirable to him in thought; he can want something which he has thought out in thought, and he carries out these thoughts.

This is spiritual activity, whereby the human being directs these forces to himself through his will and the spiritual forces comply with this will because the godly way of life makes their activity possible. But there is also spiritual activity where the human being's will is excluded, where God's will alone expresses itself, where the human body is only a form which contains the divine spirit within itself. These forms are therefore only the shells which conceal the Deity from the human eye, but which the eternal Deity in turn uses to reveal Itself to humanity in order to lead it to the recognition of the eternal Deity.

What this form does can no longer be judged humanly, but must be measured by the standard of divine activity. Every event, every utterance and every miracle reveals a divine power that works directly. Therefore, the form must be perfect so that it is suitable as a receptacle of the divine spirit, as a dwelling place of the divine Lord and Saviour. This worthiness can only be achieved through the deepest love for the eternal Deity, through the deepest inner feeling and conscious subordination of the will to the divine will. .... This subordination of the will to divine will must be required if God Himself wants to work through a human being.

Thus the human being who gives himself to God must do everything he considers right before God, he must, as it were, make God's will his own by completely giving up his own will. In this stage of devotion he will be able to see through everything and therefore know everything and also be able to do everything, for now the divine spirit itself is working .... God needs such people in order to work through them. He wants to come to humanity's aid, which is in danger of slackening in faith, He wants to bring them close to Himself, He wants them to be pointed to the divine Redeemer and lose all doubt about Christ's act of Salvation.

Deep unshakeable faith and devoted love for the Saviour can shape a person's soul in such a way that God can take abode in the person in all His fullness. And then every condition is possible, suffering and pain, happiness and bliss. And the human being can fulfil the task God has given him for his earthly life ..... For God foresees the will and profound love and strength of faith of such a person who surrenders himself to God and accordingly allows the fate of life to take place in him, as it is His will.

God chooses him to do extraordinary things in order to draw people's attention to Himself. Everything divine appears and now it is a matter of proving faith. A person who is so intimately connected with God that he hears the inner voice also sees the events of the past, the present and the future. Therefore, such experiences are to be believed. God Himself works through these people, and this will always be suitable to increase the power of faith.

Extraordinary activity is based on special piety, and this can certainly also extend to external formalities, yet the heart will always be involved, thus the human being will be filled by profound love for the Saviour which is expressed by the fact that he fulfils everything he is asked to do ...., he always acts out of love for God, he makes every sacrifice to God. And God acknowledges this love and presents it as an example to the whole of humanity, because every action, every word and every thought is only the effect of this profound love for God. Thus God's love turns to this earthly child .... He fetches it into His kingdom when its last hour has come.

Everything the human being does, thinks and speaks always aims at complete unification with God and must therefore also be good, i.e. pleasing to God. Everything that brings about union with God must correspond to divine will, and therefore He shows people the path they should take in order to find the final union with God. And He descends to earth Himself and works through people whose life is an uninterrupted activity of love and who are therefore seized by divine love and accomplish great things ....



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