Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2522 24.10.1942

The will is evaluated in the case of ceremonial acts ....

God considers people according to their faith .... This is to be understood such that people make what their faith teaches them their spiritual property and thus also fulfil everything that is demanded of them through faith. In this fulfilment God values the human being's will, which is therefore good because it inclines towards God ..... The human being wants to do what is pleasing to God, what faith teaches him. And if this will, which is inclined towards God, determines his thoughts and actions, this is also pleasing to God, even though the human being is not in truth, i.e. he was instructed in a wrong faith.

For this reason even people who lack the right faith will become blessed if they only strive for a way of life which is right before God and always do what appears right before God. Admittedly, they will always be given the opportunity to accept the right faith, the pure truth will be made accessible to them. But if he believes that he cannot accept it because he thinks he is in truth himself, he will nevertheless lead a right way of life which is pleasing to God and this will be recognised by God because the human being wants what is good, because he wants to fulfil God's will. And thus every action he performs will also be evaluated according to his will ..... And every ceremony, which in itself is completely worthless, becomes an act pleasing to God through the will to serve God with it.

Thus, the good person can gain God's pleasure through any action as soon as he performs it for God's glory, as soon as he believes to serve God with it, even though the action itself has no deeper value. On the other hand, a certain ceremonial act is worthless if it is not based on this God-oriented will. And likewise, a person can strive towards God with all his will without such a ceremony, and this will will be valued just as highly by God, the person can even be far closer to God who disregards all externals but consciously wants to serve God.

But just as the human being's faith is, God's activity will also manifest itself in him, because God will not let the human being's faith be destroyed as long as it is not directed against God. But it is wrong to assume that only the person who strictly fulfils all outward appearances lives pleasing to God. Nothing outwardly recognisable determines the right value before God, only the will which God sees, regardless of whether the person carries out the actions which are demanded of him by faith. ....



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