Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2524 26.10.1942

Wrong interpretation of the Holy Scriptures ....
Misguided teachings ....

Many words of the Holy Scriptures are wrongly interpreted by people and thus they are misled into believing something which is far removed from the truth. As a result of these wrong interpretations teachings developed which were passed on from person to person time after time so that the error kept spreading and became increasingly more difficult to be recognised as such. God has always given His Word to human beings in relation to their spiritual level, and it was always comprehensible to anyone who wanted to understand it correctly. However, as soon as His Word was deliberated upon rationally .... as soon as the human being tried to ascertain its meaning purely as a matter of research without the sincere will to shape himself, i.e. his soul, by means of the divine Word, the Word became difficult for people to understand .... Their thoughts went astray.

In view of these conditions teachings developed which corrupted the divine Word in as much as they did not correspond to what Jesus Christ had preached on earth. God's Word is certainly quoted, however it is given a completely different meaning and now humanity does not understand His Word in a corresponding manner but human explanations have changed the meaning. Consequently, the divine Word became spoilt and in this state it was presented to people again as divine Word, who will now not accept anything else and eagerly defend this spoilt Word. And it is extremely difficult to bring the pure truth to them and to convince them that they are defending something entirely human .... that they are making a cult out of an entirely human product and that this human product is unreliable. Until they have come to this conviction themselves they will also claim that the truth is error, and the advocates of truth will find it very difficult to associate with them because they will not be open to any instruction in this regard, they will present themselves as the guardians of truth and not accept any instruction which they deem as coming to them from the kingdom of darkness.

And thus light argues with darkness, but the light is not recognised until a serious pursuit for truth paves the way amongst people and they have a sudden, blinding realisation that they merely believed in misguided teachings. And then there will still be time for all people who deem themselves small and ignorant before God since they will be granted the grace to attain realisation, because then they will no longer wilfully reject but eagerly accept the truth .... which they subsequently will recognise as truth ....




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