Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2525 28.10.1942

Mission ....
Execute with divine power ....

Every mission for God first requires willingness, for it is usually such a task which requires the human being to overcome himself, which can therefore only be carried out if the human being is aware of this requirement and yet has the will to do so. Carrying out a mission for God will always mean a battle with the world and therefore it requires courage and determination which the human being has to muster if he loves God, thus wants to serve Him.

Yet only few people consciously want to serve Him, for only few people renounce the world, and the battle with the world becomes easier for them as a result. As long as the human being allows himself to be captivated by the world, it is not possible for him to fight it, i.e. only those who despise the world do not find the fight so difficult because they gladly renounce what the world takes from them in this fight. But the human being's will to serve God and thus to take on the mission is abundantly rewarded by God insofar as strength is imparted to him in the battle against the world. And therefore he need not fear to be incapable, for the will also makes him capable. God's working through a person who surrenders himself to Him will obviously appear, yet a person who withholds his will from God will never be able to achieve extraordinary things. No person will ever be forced to fight for God and against the world who does not voluntarily offer himself.

But those who have the will to fulfil the divine will, who therefore submit themselves to God and offer themselves to Him as an instrument, will be seized by His strength and grace if they are to begin their mission, if they are to stand up for God before the world. They will no longer be subject to doubts about what they should do or speak, they will act out of their own accord and in the feeling that they have to act in this way and not in any other way. They will not be fearful or faint-hearted, they will follow without resistance the inner voice which guides and directs them and makes them think what is right before God.

Voluntary devotion to God secures them God's grace, and God's grace is help in all things, on all paths and at all times. And therefore the human being can faithfully hand himself over to his Lord and Saviour, his Creator and Father, as soon as he has once offered himself to Him for service. .... He will be seized when the hour of activity has come for him, he will be filled with divine strength and full of love for Him, he will no longer think or be undecided but his path of life will lie clearly and distinctly before him; he will walk it, driven by God's spirit, and now carry out the mission as it is God's will ....



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