Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2528 30.10.1942

Imortality ....
Power from God ....
Creation ....

Nothing can be lost in the universe, for everything is power from God, which is imperishable. This immortality is therefore inviolable as soon as God is recognised as an eternal being. But immortality is also an explanation for the meaning and purposefulness of all creation, for since nothing is lost, creation must absorb everything that has emerged from God in order to return to Him again after an infinitely long time. And consequently creation itself must also be something imperishable, even though it is in a state of constant change ..... It may well appear ephemeral to the eye, but it is essentially imperishable spiritual substance, i.e. strength that emerged from God.

God's will shaped this strength into something tangible, and His wisdom and love gave this tangible a purpose, because every strength has to change into activity if it is to become effective. Thus creation is also in perpetual activity, it does not remain in lifelessness but testifies to constant life because it contains the power emanating from God which drives it to constant activity. Only apparently is the activity inhibited, i.e. reduced to the minimum, and that in the works of creation which are visible to the human eye as solid form, as rock. Nevertheless, this form is also in constant activity, for it too does not remain in the same state but is in constant change.

Any change, however, is not a transience of the old, but this remains in its original substance, only forms itself anew. And even what is no longer apparent to the human eye is still, because what is of God cannot eternally pass away, but flows back to God again. Yet the fact that strength becomes form is based on God's wisdom and love, because this increases the strength within itself and thus becomes ever more effective in the work of creation which God's love brought into being in order to receive the strength constantly emanating from Him ....



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