Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2529 30.10.1942

Religions ....
Questions ....
Different schools of thought ....

People have allowed religion to become a constant point of contention. The human being's relationship to God, his task on earth and the eternal Deity Himself are understood so differently, and each school of thought wants to reject the other and be recognised as the only correct one. And time and again people made it their task to penetrate this area by means of research, and the result was different schools of thought which again fought each other. The human being believes that he can solve problems with his intellect and disregards the working of the spirit ...., i.e. he does not try to put himself into a state which alone will bring him complete enlightenment. And as long as he does so he will also walk in darkness because truthful enlightenment is inconceivable without the enlightenment of the spirit.

And the more people argue with each other the more confused their thinking becomes and they are unable to distinguish truth from error. And this is the time when earthly and spiritual chaos arises from which people can no longer find their way out by their own strength. The pure truth will still be found in secret but if it is brought to humanity it will not recognise it and therefore not accept it. But as soon as an erroneous view tries to break through under the cover of truth, people are willing and accept it.

And thus error spreads alarmingly, for the few people who are in the truth are ignored and therefore cannot refute the error because they are not given the opportunity to do so, because those who believe to possess the truth, who presume to investigate in an unenlightened spirit and present their results to their fellow human beings as truth. And God allows this because people's will has become weak, which therefore does not desire the pure truth deeply enough so that it is also not immune to error.

But as long as the human being errs his soul cannot develop upwards. But this is the actual task on earth. Only striving for truth, for God, allows him to mature spiritually. And the striving for truth must also be connected with love. But love is likewise hardly taken into consideration, and without love no connection is possible with the One Who is truth Himself and Who alone can distribute truth. Therefore, what is currently taught to people lacks love and therefore also truth and can therefore never help the human soul to salvation, because the spirit from God cannot order the thinking of people who believe themselves called to bring enlightenment to their fellow human beings and have not yet fulfilled any prerequisite which results in the working of the spirit in the human being ....



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