Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2537 4.11.1942

God's goodness and love endure forever ....

People cannot measure God's great love. Everything that happens is based on His love, for everything has the redemption of the spiritual as its goal. But this redemption means light and glory for every single being. God's love and kindness applies to every creature, and therefore He also wants every creature to be blissfully happy one day, He wants it to participate in eternal bliss, and this goal substantiates every happening in the universe. And if people would like to imagine God's great love and kindness as their motivation they would also bear the suffering more humbly, they would understand that not God but they themselves are the originators of the suffering which oppresses them as long as they live on earth, for the human being's way of life also determines the degree of suffering and hardship.

Only someone who is convinced of God's love patiently and humbly accepts all suffering and trials from His hands. And as soon as a person lives in love, God's love is also comprehensible to him. God's goodness lasts forever .... And He never lets a being fall which has sinned against Him, instead, He takes pity on humanity to see that it deprives itself of happiness and peace; and therefore He seeks to change it so that it will enter into the blessing of everything His love and kindness created for the redemption of the spiritual being.

And therefore God is constantly ready to help, He wants to assist the spiritual being, which has become weak through its own fault, so that it can free itself from the bonds, from the spirit's captivity, and He meets it with His grace ..... And this grace will never ever run out, because His kindness and love will never ever come to an end, and even if eternities pass by, He will not leave any of His creations to themselves but will always and forever be concerned that they find their way into the Father's house and return to the eternal love from Which they originated ....



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