Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2539 5.11.1942

Love - Wisdom - Will and Power ....
Beings of God ....

What presents itself to your eye was created by God out of immense love. He let it come into being for the wisest purpose .... His will became active and His strength expressed itself in the emergence of creation. Thus love, wisdom, will and strength can be recognised in all His works of creation, for love, wisdom, will and strength are the origin of all created things. They are the essence of Him Who is Creator of all things. God is love, God is wisdom, God is will and power ..... Whatever comes forth from God, whatever His creative spirit puts into action as a thought, must correspond to a purpose, otherwise it would not be wise ..... It has to be an activity of love, thus it has to aim at something pleasing .... and it has to carry God's spirit within itself, which is will and strength.

Thus the created must harbour something essential which strives towards a happy goal. And creation must be a means to an end, a means to achieve the happy state. And God's infinite love wants to prepare this happy state for the beingness, because the beingness had once forfeited this state and God's love wants to offer it the opportunity to regain His love and with it eternal beatitude. And thus God allowed will and strength to become active, and He shaped things in wisest, most loving care which are now the being's abode and means of constant higher development ....



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