Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2540 6.11.1942

Purpose of Creation Alignment with God ....

The ultimate purpose of creation is the approach to God which took place in it ..... God seeks to return everything to Himself which once emanated from Him as strength but which is permanently under His will. The will of the beingness in creation is still directed towards Him, and only when it bends its will under divine will has the alignment with God taken place and the purpose of creation fulfilled. But the alignment with God results in eternal life, which is a state of everlasting abundance of light and strength, a state of happiness and eternal glory, which God's great love had originally intended for it but which also presupposes a certain degree of perfection, which the being must have achieved through its own will.

God's works of creation give the beingness abundant opportunity to develop to perfection. And God's love never leaves it without support, but the being's own will must also necessarily become active, the being must decide for itself and therefore cover a probationary period where it is given every freedom and can therefore also decide in freedom of will which final goal appears desirable to it; for despite His greater than great love God does not force any being to belong to Him, instead He leaves it complete freedom of will but nevertheless seeks to reveal Himself to them that their will decides in favour of Him in order to secure them a life in glory.

For His love does not want to let anything go to waste which started in Him. And His wisdom recognises the right and only purpose-fulfilling means which His will and His strength let become something visible ..... He created heaven and earth for the final redemption of the spiritual substance, which had become unfree beings due to its former rebellion against God Himself, so that it can now regain its freedom ....



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