Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2541 7.11.1942

Revelation of God through creation ....

The miracles of creation should constantly stimulate the human being's thinking and direct his mind towards God, for it is God Himself Who speaks to him through creation if he wants to hear His voice. Wherever the human eye looks God's activity can be recognised, for no human being is able to create the same out of himself which creation constantly presents to him. And if the human being thinks about it, he listens to God's language, because the results of his thinking are His answer.

God reveals Himself to people through creation, i.e. the working of a Power is clearly recognisable in all works of creation, Which is exceedingly wise and therefore is to be thought of as a supremely perfect Being. Thus, as soon as creation awakens or strengthens faith in the eternal Deity, the human being has listened to God's revelations; he has gained the firm conviction that the Creator is a Being of supreme perfection, Which is most closely connected with creation. And this conviction is faith ....

Creation is therefore suitable to make the human being deeply believing, but he must let it speak to him. He has to look at every work of creation with the will to affirm him to the One Who let them come into being. And this will helps him to recognise, information is given to him, and thus the eternal Deity expresses Himself and gives him knowledge of His rule and activity. This can happen intellectually as soon as the human being turns his thoughts questioningly towards creation ..... But he can also be instructed by a fellow human being to whom God reveals Himself in direct form for the purpose of spreading the truth amongst fellow human beings. Through creation, however, God speaks to all people, and all people can understand this language if they are sincerely willing to listen to the Creator ....

Thus it always depends on the human being's will whether he recognises God or not. The possibility is constantly given to him, for God's love, wisdom and omnipotence is revealed in all things. However, His revelations need not be respected because God does not force the human being's will to seriously occupy himself with something he does not desire. But then his knowledge of God will also be deficient, he will not be able to affirm God with conviction because he has never taken a stand on it. Thus it is never a rejection on God's part if a person finds it more difficult to believe but only human fault, for he disregards the opportunities available to him to become a believer because he does not want to see God where He reveals Himself .... in creation, which is an obvious testimony of a creating, loving and wise Power ....



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