Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2544 10.11.1942

Belief in the immortality of the soul necessary to work on itself ....

People must realise that earthly life is only a means to an end, but never an end in itself. Only this realisation spurs them on to strive to reach the goal for the sake of which the human being walks on earth. Consequently, the belief in the soul's survival after death has to be conveyed to him, the immortality of the soul has to be substantiated to him, even though this cannot be proven to the human being. Knowledge must be made accessible to him which makes the doctrine of immortality comprehensible to him, so that it now becomes easy for him to believe even without proof. Only then does he regard the earth as a means to an end and adjust his whole life to survival after death.

Only this thought allows him to look at earthly goods with different eyes, for he now learns to value their transience, and he directs his attention to the things which last for eternity. And what he now does, he brings into connection with the life beyond. As soon as the human being believes that life does not end with death, he thinks about what kind of life the afterlife might be; thus he sends his spirit upwards, i.e. into regions which are the soul's abode after the end of earthly life. And in these regions he is now given information, and that mentally, so that the human being now sees himself full of conviction as a wanderer on earth, whose course of life will soon be over, and he seeks to make productive use of this short time on earth.

The belief in immortality is therefore inevitably necessary if the human being is to start working on his soul, but this belief also prevents the human being from living a purely worldly life. But there is no irrefutable proof of the soul's survival. This, too, is a teaching which can never be proven but which can become a profound conviction through eager reflection, just as everything spiritual is not to be proven, so that the human being's free will is not restricted and faith is therefore unconstrained ....



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