Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2549 14.11.1942

Redemptive Activity on Earth - Important Task ....

Blessed are those who entrust themselves to Me with complete faith. I want to assign them the task to be redeemingly active already on earth. I want to introduce them to truth and send them My spirit, I want to spur them on to utmost activity of love so that My spirit can always and constantly work in them, I want to endow them with knowledge and train them to be true representatives of My Word, to be fighters for My name and wise teachers of their fellow human beings. I want to endow them with all gifts so that they can stand up for Me and My Word, and I want to give them strength to also work in My stead. But for this I require the deepest faith in Me, in My love, wisdom and omnipotence .....

Only the fully believing human being can receive this strength from Me to the extent that it is necessary in order to accomplish things which are beyond a person's strength. The strength of faith achieves everything, and therefore the faith has to be so strong that My strength passes into the person who stands up for Me and he then works instead of Me. It is the gifts of the spirit which make the human being fully faithful, it is My Word which stimulates the human being into increased activity of love, and therefore My Word alone is able to bring faith to such strength that I Myself can work through the human being, for anyone who has My Word and lives accordingly .... who listens to Me and endeavours to live a life of love will be enlightened by My spirit, and then he will also recognise Me as the most powerful, wisest and lovingly capable Being .....

And to recognise means to believe .... Anyone who has recognised Me believes in Me and his faith will never waver .... And I require such faith if the human being wants to be active for Me on earth and help redeem his fellow human beings' souls. It is a task which requires love and perseverance, yet anyone who is devoted to Me because he believes in Me will not tire of working for Me, and love will spur him on to help where help is needed. And there is great hardship on earth, for people no longer recognise Me, they no longer believe in Me.

If faith is to be brought to them again then they have to be taught. They must be offered knowledge which slowly leads them back to faith. They must be taught the truth, because truth alone can guide the human being into realisation, and the truth must be offered to them with love so that they will not arouse their will to reject it ..... People must be prompted to think and admonished to be lovingly active, and anyone who follows these admonitions will then also learn to recognise what he previously rejected .... he will learn to believe in a Creator Who, in His love, approaches people in order to help them ....

This task is of such great importance that I bless everyone who undergoes it and is willing to work for Me as a representative on earth. Countless souls are in need and can be guided correctly by the love of a fellow human being who works for Me and faithfully hands himself over to My guidance, for I direct and guide him so that he can carry out his mission on earth in accordance with My will ....



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