Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2551 15.11.1942

Removal from earthly goods ....
Denial ....

Detach yourselves from the bonds of the world and you will be able to achieve the greatest success, for what the world offers you will only last for a short time, but then you will recognise your shortcomings, who have only lived for the world and have no other success to report than to have stood in worldly honour. On the other hand, a life on earth in limited circumstances, a life of simplicity and unpretentiousness, can earn you spiritual goods of incalculable value. You must always remind yourselves that earth is only a short time of preparation for the actual life in eternity, you must consider that you cannot take anything of earthly possessions with you, that reputation and fame are invalid in view of death, that earthly knowledge is worthless in eternity.

Furthermore, you must consider that the body will pass away and with it the comforts it coveted. .... Only the soul remains, whose state corresponds to the striving for spiritual good on earth .... And if you walk along on earth in utmost unpretentiousness and thereby remember your soul, then you are to be called abundant upon entering the beyond, for only now does life on earth take effect. And this state lasts for eternity as soon as it is a state of light, but it means endless torment for the soul which refrained from spiritual striving on earth and only strived for earthly success, earthly well-being and earthly wealth.

As long as the world still entices you, as soon as you expect success from it, this will always happen at the expense of the soul, for where the soul seriously strives and strives for perfection the desire for the world will die out .... Where the soul seeks God and wants to live to please Him, the pleasures of the world will remain unnoticed. This is the right life on earth, although the human being should fulfil his duty, i.e. use his vitality for the benefit of his fellow human beings as it is divine will. For God has given every person his task for earthly life, the fulfilment of which contributes towards the attainment of maturity of soul, so that love for one's neighbour is the driving force and the human being is willing to place himself and his strength at the service of his neighbour.

Increased enjoyment of life, however, reduces the soul's success, for spiritual striving leaves the world unnoticed, but worldly pleasures make spiritual striving impossible. And therefore choose and decide what seems more precious to you, earthly possessions, wealth and prestige and an eternal life in lightlessness or an unnoticed earthly life in simplicity, which you use to shape your soul in order to then be able to enter a light-filled beyond which will abundantly compensate you for all deprivations .....

People only think of the present and try to gain everything from the present, yet earthly life passes quickly and they are faced with eternity, which they could shape into a wonderful one for themselves if they did not value the present, the time on earth, so highly. Therefore seek to free yourselves from what the world offers you ..... For it is vain deception, it is poison for your soul and a constant obstacle to your soul's work. Seek God alone in this world so that you will have found Him when you enter that world which only signifies the soul's actual life. For God is your bliss and His love takes hold of you, who for His sake leave the earth's goods unnoticed ....



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