Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2554 17.11.1942

Becoming and passing away ....
Death ....
Entry into the spiritual realm ....

Life and death, becoming and passing away .... this is the eternal cycle according to God's wise plan. Only to the spiritually enlightened person does the great mystery become clear, which finds its solution in this eternal cycle. What is, must pass away in order to become again, and again and again things form themselves anew, because an eternal existence in the material world is not possible. And what is must pass away because it is still imperfect, and it must arise again anew in order to become more perfect. For only the outer shell decays, but what the shell contains is spiritual, i.e. imperishable, which escapes from the shell in order to animate a new shell.

And this spiritual must become perfect .... This is the basis of all becoming and passing away. And therefore nothing in the material world can remain unchanged, for it contains nothing perfect within itself, since it only came into being in order to offer the imperfect the opportunity to become perfect. When the spiritual has reached the degree of perfection, it can leave the material world, the earth, and enter the spiritual kingdom. Becoming and passing away is therefore necessary for the spiritual's higher development, and therefore all passing away should be welcomed and all becoming and coming into being should make people happy. .... The passing away of every form signifies its overcoming for the spiritual that is sheltered in it, and overcoming is victory ....

Once the human being has come to this realisation, nothing will frighten him any longer, then he will only see death as a bridge into the spiritual kingdom. For now the spiritual, the soul, leaves its last shell in order to be able to enter the spiritual kingdom unencumbered. But one thing must have preceded it .... a conscious striving for spiritual maturity during earthly life. As soon as the human being's gaze is directed upwards, as soon as he knows the meaning and purpose of his embodiment on earth, he consciously strives upwards. He wants to become perfect as soon as he has recognised God and knows about his end and his goal. And for him death means overcoming the last form on earth, from which the soul now finally escapes and consequently also the material world. The shell passes away, but the spiritual awakens to new life, to a life that lasts forever ....

(17.11.1942) However, people can also live a life unaware of their purpose, and this can be their own fault .... as soon as they value matter too highly and thereby suffocate every spiritual thought within themselves which would make them aware of their real task on earth. Then they no longer use their last external form for the purpose of maturing the soul. And then death will be the end of their development on earth, and the upward development of all other works of creation will come to a standstill in this last phase of earthly life, the development will come to a standstill. ....

And then the entry into the spiritual kingdom is not an awakening to eternal life but a state of death, a state of lifelessness is the soul's present fate. Becoming and passing away on earth has come to an end for this spiritual being, it has passed through all stages in ever increasing higher development, yet it failed in the stage as a human being; it interrupted its own development because this stage had brought it free will and the human being misused free will. And then, understandably, the entry into the spiritual kingdom must mean great agonies and disappointments for him, for only the perfect has a right to eternal bliss ....



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