Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2559 24.11.1942

Spiritual Food ....
God's Word ....

Humanity does not desire spiritual nourishment, and this is a sign of self-conceit, for they feel so strong and secure that they do not believe they need any supply of strength. They have no hunger for spiritual nourishment because they do not lack anything .... and they do not lack anything because they are content with what they possess and because they also do not know about the benefit of what they are indeed entitled to but cannot be given without being asked .... because they do not value God's grace for what it is. For it is a grace when something is offered to them which signifies strength and power for everyone who feels weak and small.

But humanity only feels physical weaknesses, needs and worries, and it believes it cannot remedy these with spiritual food, with the Word of God, because it lacks faith in its strength. She lacks faith in the effect of the divine Word and thus also in the strength that the human being can draw for his soul from divine food. And therefore it does not pay attention to this nourishment which is offered to it in the form of the divine Word .... it has little regard for the divine Word and the soul has to starve and live in want, even though earthly wealth surrounds the human being. What the soul needs is completely independent of earthly fulfilment, it can starve in the midst of wealth and possessions but it can be abundantly provided for in utmost earthly poverty if it accepts spiritual food, the gift of God, which promotes its spiritual development.

And therefore earthly goods should not be valued too highly, for they can also hinder the human being's higher development if they are not utilised correctly, if they make the human being forget spiritual hunger and the soul is thereby disadvantaged. Spiritual food, i.e. the Word of God imparted to people out of immense love, is only desired by those to whom earthly goods appear worthless and who therefore strive for something which is everlasting, thus of eternal value. These hunger for the bread of life, they are starving without it and their desire is deep and inner; and God satisfies such hunger through His Word ..... He gives them nourishment for their souls, He feeds them with spiritual food and quenches their thirst with the living water which flows from the loins of the one who has profound faith and love.

And this spiritual food will also be imparted to people when they are deprived of earthly food, when demonic influence determines people to deprive each other of the earthly food necessary for life ...., when people's unkindness has reached the highest degree that they fight each other like bitter enemies. Anyone who calls profound faith his own will live, for he will receive spiritual nourishment .... the Word of God, which He has blessed with His strength ....



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