Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2563 27.11.1942

Faith and Love ....

Faith and love lead to eternal life, to beatitude. But one cannot be thought of without the other. Whoever lives in love is intimately united with God through love, which is God Himself ..... Thus he also recognises God in everything that surrounds him .... He sees Him as the Creator of all things, Who can accomplish everything He wants and Whom His greater than great love destines to work in all wisdom. And thus he believes in a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence .... he believes that he is His created being, emerged from Him and inseparably united with Him .... And he also recognises his purpose and goal, for love makes him wise, he cannot think other than good and right because he stands in love .... And he recognises his thinking and knowledge as truth, he is convinced of it, thus he believes ....

And again, a person who believes in a loving, wise and omnipotent Creator of heaven and earth cannot help but live in love, for this realisation, this convinced faith, must result in an effect of love, otherwise they are just empty words if the person asserts his faith .... Words which lack life .... For if the human being does not carry out works of love, wisdom is not in him either, and thus he lacks the power of knowledge. He lacks faith even though he wants to testify to it through words. Hence faith is dead, for living faith inevitably results in works of love, because anyone who recognises God must also love Him.

And God will love him again, and this means that the human being now feels urged to be active in love because God's love flows towards him as strength which impels him into activity. But faith can vary in strength, and therefore the loving person must also struggle for strong, unshakeable faith ..... For a weak faith also endangers or reduces the effect of love. The deeper a person's faith is, the more eager he is to keep God's commandments which demand unselfish love for his neighbour.

The strength of faith therefore determines the person's activity of love, and therefore one can confidently doubt a person's faith or call him a dead faith if he ignores the commandments of love, even though he tries to feign a profound faith through words. For faith and love cannot be thought of without each other, because he who stands in love must also believe, for love is strength from God which also guides the human being into recognition. But to recognise something means to believe in its truth. Hence, the loving person will also have profound faith, for God Himself guides him into realisation, i.e. He enlightens him so that he can then believe with full conviction .... that his faith is a living one, that it works in love because he believes ....



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