Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2567 29.11.1942

Man's attitude towards God and right relationship ....

It is up to the human being himself which position he takes towards God. He is a part of God, inseparable from Him, but whether he recognises this affiliation to God as a human being is up to him. He can believe himself to be completely isolated in the universe without any connection to the Power Which created him .... but he can also feel connected to It, and his earthly life will correspond to this position. He is by no means compelled to profess God, to enter into heartfelt contact with Him and to allow himself to be permeated by His strength of love, instead, he is completely free to establish whatever relationship with God he wants.

He can also remain completely independent of God insofar as he does not consciously strive for or request an influx of strength. He can resign from his earthly life in the belief that he can shape it according to his will by his own strength ..... In that case he will not recognise God, he will not believe in Him as the most loving, wisest and omnipotent Being, nor will he establish a bond with Him but feel completely free and reject a Power which directs his destiny.

But his attitude towards God will always be decisive for his spiritual development, for his life in eternity. For as soon as he rejects God he cannot make use of the flow of strength which enables him to reach the heights ..... He will indeed live but his spirit will remain unawakened, for the spiritual strength from God cannot join the spiritual spark in the human being, it slumbers and the human being lives his life completely uselessly, for he does not fulfil his purpose in life, the higher development of his soul .....

For God must be acknowledged and the connection with Him established so that the human being can receive the strength from God which is absolutely necessary if the soul is to mature. Whereas the human being who enters into intimate contact with God, who consciously requests His strength in prayer and thus recognises himself as a creature which remains dependent on God's love and grace as long as he remains on earth, can receive this strength unmeasured.

The right attitude towards God results in the establishment of the child's right relationship with the Father, the child will always be allowed to ask and therefore constantly receive, the strength from God will constantly flow to it, and it will consciously fulfil the purpose of earthly life ...., namely, establish the approach to God, reduce the distance from Him and shape its soul such that it can enter the spiritual kingdom as a child of God when its earthly life is over. The right attitude towards God earns the human being the right success, an eternal life in light and strength and bliss .... whereas the soul comes away empty-handed, which thought itself independent of God and consequently remained without strength on earth ....



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