Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2569 2.12.1942

Unmatched Wisdom of God ....

God's wisdom is eternal, His spirit saw everything, He knew everything and He brought order into all things, into every event, according to His purpose ..... And this divine order is so incomparably wise that the slightest disturbance of it has to have a damaging effect, i.e., that every will which is directed against the divine order also signifies a work of destruction for any creation which has emerged from divine will in His order. God's wisdom can never be attained and will therefore never be surpassed, on the other hand, any attempt to change the existing divine order will only result in a destructive disorder which is devoid of all wisdom.

As long as the divine order is observed, thus remains untouched, everything is good and beautiful and in utmost harmony, for God's work is unsurpassable ..... But where the divine wisdom is opposed by inadequate knowledge which tries to assert itself, the divine order is overturned, which is like the destruction of what God has created, be it a visible or invisible product of His unsurpassable wisdom.

The human being, who is likewise a product of His wise power, lives in accordance with divine will if he respects divine wisdom and never opposes his will, i.e. uses it in a way which violates divine order, for this is sin, it is a rebellion against God's will and a disregard for His wisdom. It is an arrogance which cannot result in anything but destructive consequences, for if the human being wants to overthrow the divine order in his deficient wisdom, chaos must inevitably arise which is equal to a work of destruction, for something can only remain in existence if the creative power is respected by unconditionally fitting into the existing order which is based on God's unsurpassable wisdom .....



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