Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2572 3.12.1942

Task of God's servants ....
Strength of faith previously ....

What task still lies ahead of you who have offered yourselves to God for service will be made known to you if your work for the Lord is necessary. But first you must become strong in faith yourselves, you must still withstand many temptations which will be given to you by the world. And you must become knowledgeable yourselves in order to be able to pass this knowledge on to people who are still blind in spirit. Your special task is to preach the Word of God, to teach people love, to motivate them to believe and to reinforce your words through extraordinary activity .....

For God Himself wants to make use of your shell in order to reveal Himself to humanity. People shall learn to recognise the power of faith, they shall see that God's Word is truth, that the human being is able to accomplish extraordinary things as soon as he desires God's support, i.e. as soon as he is in closest contact with God through a pleasing way of life. They should learn to recognise the value of a right faith which makes people free and cheerful because they are no longer attached to earthly goods, because they have recognised their transience and because the striving for spiritual good has become their highest purpose in life.

And you must prove this faith to your fellow human beings, you must be so deeply religious yourselves that nothing can make you waver. And this will be necessary, for you will be harassed for the sake of your faith, you will be reviled and people will want to prevent you from being active for God. Yet even then the strength of faith will prove itself, for you will not fear anything that threatens you from the world because you know that God Himself protects you, that under His protection you are immune to all attacks of the world .... against threats of earthly violence. For God needs you as His fighters, He has assigned you the task of standing up for His Word before the world, and He trains you for this office beforehand .....

Yet your activity will only begin after the divine intervention when people will need comfort and encouragement and when they shall be taught the faith they lack. Difficult times will precede your work and you will often need divine strength yourselves so that you will become strong and inwardly mature for your task. Yet God will stand by you, He will protect those who want to serve Him, and His strength will constantly flow to you as soon as you take refuge in Him. For there are only a few who consciously place themselves at God's service, and these few can constantly be certain of His help ..... He stands by them in every danger and guides them on all paths so that they will reach the right goal ..... Thus they will also fulfil the task according to His will which is set for them for the sake of their fellow human beings' salvation ....



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