Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2574 4.12.1942

Freedom of belief ....
What is belief ....

The human being must not be forced to believe because otherwise becoming perfect would be impossible, for something forced is something imperfect ..... Hence freedom of faith must be left to people, and therefore God can neither lead them to faith through evidence nor cause them to do so through miracles. He can only impart certain teachings to them and try to influence them to use the gifts of understanding so that they can decide for themselves for or against the teachings imparted to them, whether they want to include them in their body of thought and affirm them with their heart ..... Then their faith can be called free and thus also beneficial.

As soon as people are pushed into a certain school of thought, as soon as they are systematically educated into a faith, this faith is worthless as long as the person himself has not taken a mental stand on it. A learned faith cannot yet be called faith; the heart's attitude towards it determines whether the person may call himself a believer. He must also be given complete freedom as to how he decides, for he alone is responsible for this decision, he may neither be pressured by people nor be given compelling evidence from God which causes him to have to believe something. The only guide is the inner voice, the divine help, which gives the human being small hints so that he can easily find the right faith.

As soon as God's love expresses itself extraordinarily through a person it will always happen in such a way that the person will nevertheless not be forced. He will always be able to find a natural explanation if he lacks the will, thus he will never need to accept something against his will under the impression of such extraordinary activity which he cannot inwardly affirm. And therefore it is irrelevant in which school of thought a person is educated, for only his own thinking makes him responsible, for this thinking shapes the faith in him according to his will. The truth-seeking human being will reject of his own accord that which does not correspond to truth and thus attain the right faith in all freedom of will.

But so that he can come to the right decision through reflection, the truth must also be presented to him by people who themselves stand in the truth. He has the duty to examine everything before he accepts it, and through this examination and reflection he takes a stand on it, and now he can also make a decision, he can choose which of the teachings presented to him appears to him as truth. This is only faith when he can then commit himself to it because he is firmly convinced of it in himself ..... And such a conviction cannot be forcibly taught to the human being but is gained through his own reflection, and only such faith corresponds to God's will ....



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