Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2575 5.12.1942

Time and Space Law in Eternity ....

The body passes away and with it also the earthly suffering. But the soul remains and continues its life in the beyond according to its life on earth. Suffering on earth is therefore not to be valued so highly because it comes to an end, whereas suffering in the beyond can last for eternities before the soul comes to realisation. But it can also move completely timelessly in the spheres of light, for the soul only has the concept of time in the state of imperfection. In the state of perfection it is outside of time and space. The concept of time is therefore the measure of the soul's maturity, as long as it still feels dependent on time and space, it has not yet reached its goal, it has not yet entered the spheres of light in which every concept of time and space disappears.

For the world this is incomprehensible because it is still completely subject to the law of time and space; in eternity, however, the latter is excluded, and it is an inconceivably blissful state to be able to dwell everywhere and to know about everything that was, that is and that will still be. This freedom of the spirit constitutes its state of bliss, for the soul can move where and when it wants without ever being limited in time or space.

On the other hand, the immature soul is still bound to time and space, depending on the degree of its imperfection. It is certainly no longer physically hindered and can stay where it wants, but it is still bound to a certain environment through its earthly desire, thus it puts this fetter on itself because it does not know the free state and therefore strives for it too little. Time and space always mean a certain limitation and therefore cannot correspond to perfection. But as soon as the soul has freed itself from this, it recognises the bliss of it and never again longs for the previous state. For to have overcome time and space also means to be able to work unhindered where and how the soul demands it.

It is no longer bound to time and space, it has freed itself from the laws which God gave to the imperfect being; consequently it has come close to the Lawgiver from eternity, it has united with Him Who is Lord over time and space, and consequently it likewise controls the whole universe, i.e., it can dwell wherever it wants, and this at any time, because the law of time and space is abolished for it as soon as it has come close to God. For this is the state of freedom and perfection, that the being is completely unbound, that it no longer feels subject to any other law than the law of love, which, however, no longer oppresses it but which it only feels infinitely happy ....



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