Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2738 14.5.1943

Consoling encouragement ....

Offer Me your will so that I can embrace you with My love. I want to help you in every adversity if only you firmly believe in Me and prove to Me through your faith that you belong to Me. For I Am a constant helper to My Own, I Am always close to My Own, they are My children whom I will not leave in adversity. You will often have to prove your faith, the world will press you hard and want to make you weak. But then call upon Me, look up to Me trustingly and My love will stand by you and strengthen you ....

As long as you remain united with Me, as long as your heart takes refuge in Me, you will not be lonely and abandoned, for I Am constantly close to you because you feel like My children through your will, because you acknowledge Me as your Father and thereby also give Me the right to care for and protect you like a Father. Your will to belong to Me makes you My children, whom I also desire because you are part of Me and have recognised this.

And therefore don't be afraid when the world oppresses you and don't be disheartened and despondent, for no-one can harm you in body or soul unless I allow the former, but then it is My will because it is beneficial for your soul. You need never worry, for I take care of you and whatever I let come upon you is good for you, and My strength is constantly at your disposal which lets you endure everything.

For the sake of your fellow human beings you must put your faith to the test, you must prove to them that your confidence and faith will not waver despite the onslaughts and challenges of the world. You must stand up for My name before the world, and you can only do so if you firmly believe that I Am always with you, that I will not leave you alone in adversity and that My love will protect you even if it seems as if the world has the upper hand. The deeper your faith is, the stronger you will be and the greater resistance you can offer the world.

And the strength of your faith banishes every danger, you are able to do everything if you deeply and unshakably believe that My strength flows through you and that there is no resistance for divine strength. And thus the world can certainly threaten you but it cannot defeat you because I Am with you and because no-one can defeat Me. I Am with you who want to be Mine, I know about your will and your love for Me, and what is more understandable than that I also show you My love and take you into My care. Therefore, don't be afraid but trust in My love which has seized you and will never ever let you fall ....



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